Buying through FSG Realty improves your community.

When you buy a property, all profits from the commission received by FSG Realty go to improving the community through the social enterprises and services that FSG provides.

There are three ways for you to buy your ideal property and benefit the community at the same time:

  1. Buy a property that FSG Realty has for sale.
  2. Ask FSG Realty to approach an agent for you in the area (anywhere in Australia) that you are looking to purchase. FSG Realty will conjunct with any agent and help you with your purchase. In this case it is important that FSG Realty is the one to contact the agent initially on your behalf, otherwise a conjunction won’t be possible.
  3. Tell FSG Realty what type of property you are interested in, and in which location, and we will actively source a property for you by contacting property owners directly.  Depending on the extent of the search that you want us to undertake on your behalf, fees may apply. Contact us for further details.

“From a social perspective, an improving community leads to a happier society; financially speaking, an improving community means a better return on your property.” (Andrew Paul – Principal FSG Realty). When your community becomes a more desirable place to live, all other factors aside, your property value goes up. FSG’s services and social enterprises contribute to the well-being of your community, and will assist in the improved financial return of your property.